Year: 2009

Christmas in London Town

Thoughts at this time are turning towards Christmas. There is something about Christmas in London. It’s really awesome. All wrapped up in the winter woolies, cold noses, hot chocolate from Starbucks and of course so many children. The whole town comes alive with lights and the stores here just make […]

It’s all about the hair!

On Friday morning, after yet another early wake up by my darling husband, I decided to try and make myself look respectable for work just to shake things up a bit.¬† This didn’t work (jeans won again) but during the process of poofing, spritzing and generally making quite a mission […]

The Travelers Wife

Admittedly if I had started this blog about 10 years ago then this would’ve been the title. Big Daddy was always off one place or another for work reasons. Sometimes it would be overnight, other times a couple of weeks. I learned to adapt quite well as you do, and […]