3 reasons why I miss living in London

While it is possible to relocate out of the city, it’s harder to leave it behind completely, especially when you live so close. This morning I was trudging to the station as I was on my way into the office. I’m am very lucky to be able to work remotely 90% of the time, however it is necessary for me to pop in from time to time in order to touch base with the team.

There are many advantages to living in the lovely Surrey countryside. We chose to come here for a number of reasons. From great schools, to cheaper house prices, areas of outstanding beauty, and fantastically friendly people, it always made total sense for us to move out of the city.

My walk to the closest station is a trudge, but as I was slogging through the rain, it made me acutely aware of why I miss London:


1. Travel is long, tiresome, boring and expensive.

So I did the school run this morning and went directly to the station. The walk from school to the ticket office took me half an hour. That is the best scenario unless I want to catch a bus that often doesn’t arrive, or drive to the station and park there, which seems excessive. In any case, it’s no longer a 10 minute nip down to the tube station, or a red bus or even in extreme cases a cheeky cab ride. Trudging. That’s what needs to happen to get public transport in Surrey.


2. Social life

I don’t profess to be the biggest socialite but I do like variety when it comes to choosing what I would like to do on my odd evening off. My choices within walking distance, in my lovely country village, are a pub, an Indian restaurant and um, I think that’s it really. For anything else it’s time to jump in the car, which is a far cry from convenience when you are used to the tube and more recently, the night tube. It gets annoying being the dedicated driver or paying the cost of a hotel room to Uber every time I want to go out for the night. I yearn for my Oyster card. It sits in my wallet just waiting to be topped up.


3. Fashion

Disclaimer: I am not fashionable.

When I was in London every day however there were certain standards that were met in terms of style and even though I am not fashionable, I always felt well put together.

Today it was raining. In London in such weather, you put on some fantastic leather boots, grab a brolly and you’re away. In Surrey, you can of course grab a good pair of boots in wet weather, but this was proper rain. It was rain none of my boots or shoes would handle. It was welly boot weather. I packed a pair of office flats of course, but I wasn’t going to venture out into the countryside unless I had the appropriate footwear. Wellies it was.

I arrived in London and yes it was still raining, but there was no mud. So I couldn’t help but notice I was the only one I could see (and I looked hard) that wasn’t suited and booted. A quick glimpse in the window revealed some farmers wife walking past. Ah well, at least my feet were dry.