To those that know me, I’m often referred to as ‘you nutter’, ‘you hippy’ and sometimes ‘you tosspot!’ At the very least I consider myself to be a lateral thinker. My real name is Mandy – but I’ll probably reply to any of the above.

I like to see the lighter side of life. It’s not always roses, but I do try to maintain a positive outlook.

I am a South African mom living in the UK. As with most Saffa’s, my family and I started off our UK journey in Central London for a while and more recently we ditched that idea to move out to the country. It’s not so much the whole ‘country living’ thing that brought us here, but more the idea that our kids could experience more of an outdoorsy life. I guess when you’ve had an upbringing like ours in South Africa where you are more out than in, it seems wrong somehow to constantly have city all over you, most of the time. That being said I still adore London and everything about it, which is why we cannot bare to be too far away.

My husband laments the fact that the female/male balance of power shifted in my favour. In short, we have an eighteen year old son, a beautiful seven year old girl and a feisty four year old girl. This of course means that a fair portion of this blog is going to be family orientated.

If you like to leave feedback, you are welcome to comment on any of the posts, but if you like to chat I’m over on Twitter (@UK_Saffa) and love all the people I’ve been able to interact with there.

I hope you enjoy the read, it’s been a labour of love and I hope to be able to blog for years to come.


{Updated: 9th January 2018 – I don’t change much but my life keeps evolving…}