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The teenager cometh

Wanted: one manual for the operation of teenagers My son is driving me mental of late. If you fancy looking back at some previous posts then you’ll see that while he’s always been a handful, he’s also always been such fun, with a brilliant sense of humour and of course […]

The morning tea contest

I love Sunday mornings. While most of my friends are languishing in hangover hell with the exceptional few hitting the gym or going for their morning jogging sessions, my hubby and I are usually having a half asleep squabble revolving around who is going to make the morning tea. This […]

The chatterbox

I woke up the other day realising that with 12 weeks to go until our new baby enters the world, I’ve done a grand total of nothing to prepare. I have 3 packs of nappies, 2 packs of botty wipes and a cute lil baby grow from my friend in […]

The little moments

This morning I had a moment. It is the boy’s last day ever in Primary School and man was I excited…. ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It’s your last ever day at primary school!!’ I squeaked while ignoring the grumpy mutterings coming from the bed, which I chose to ignore but think it was […]

The first date

4 months has gone by very fast since I last posted to this blog. I keep intending to blog on the move but being ‘on the move’ means I’m constantly fighting with lost signal and that means that my inspired instapost just doesn’t quite make it. They say that time […]

The bully teacher

It recently occurred to this once high-school misfit that teachers aren’t the big scary people that they once were. What an awesome revelation, and another step towards me becoming a grown-up. I often get the impression that Jimmy is quite a challenge for teachers. You may have picked this up […]

It’s all about the hair!

On Friday morning, after yet another early wake up by my darling husband, I decided to try and make myself look respectable for work just to shake things up a bit.  This didn’t work (jeans won again) but during the process of poofing, spritzing and generally making quite a mission […]

The Travelers Wife

Admittedly if I had started this blog about 10 years ago then this would’ve been the title. Big Daddy was always off one place or another for work reasons. Sometimes it would be overnight, other times a couple of weeks. I learned to adapt quite well as you do, and […]