Creativity in the blood

Today has been a day all about design. Well that’s not entirely true but as I was stuck at home waiting for the delivery of Patrick’s visa (he is off to Russia in a couple of weeks) I was able to take the opportunity to crack down and get some creative juices flowing. At first I was mildly annoyed at the courier company not being able to give some sort of delivery time, but had to let that go for my own sanity.

So I doing some creative stuff of my own (basic illustrations and the like – still trying to find my groove. It will come eventually and then I will churn out the stuff; but until that happens it’s just a case of buckling down and going through the motions) and also helping Patrick out with some design stuff for Perception Events while also doing some layout design type stuff for my dads directory of businesses along the Tramlink line.

In between all that I decided that I should check out some other blogs (see blog list to the right for some I think I’ll read on a regular basis) and also debated with the idea of changing blogging platforms. If there are any suggestions of blogs I should look at please let me know.

So the creative juices are indeed starting to flow again and it’s rather nice. It’s going to be hard to go back to work next week and getting back down to the analytics and marketing brilliance that is me (shameless self promotion – has to be done), but I hope I can maintain a creative balance once I am back in the routine of working mum, which is infinitely harder and more tiring.

I won’t think about that now however, it’s late and I still have a few days left before then.