Here there be snow monsters

There will be a couple of inches of snow in London today. Expect delays.

Uh huh, ok I believe you this time, mainly because I walked to the station with 2 inches of snow on my head!

This morning we woke up and Patrick decided this would be the morning to leave early for work.

“OH!” he said sounding mildly surprised, “it’s snowing..”
“yes, it does that,” I said sounding horribly jadedly British all of a sudden. “Where’s my coffee?”
“No it’s really snowing, it’s still snowing,” he said,
“Really?” Ok I was interested now.

Sure enough there was a beautiful blanket of puffy snow.

“Right well I’m off then,” said the untwartable one. “See ya later, I’m going skiing in my car.”

Oh very funny!

Five minutes later I was jumping on Jimmy’s bed, “c’mon Dude it’s WAKE UP TIME and look out the window…”
“Why? I’m warm” mumbled the duvet.

“It’s snowing!”
“Goody,” mumbled the duvet. “Is it a snow day?”
“erm no,”
“so what’s the point?”
“just look outside will you,” I grumbled.

A dishelved head peered out.
“ah, it’s so pretty. It’s like Narnia out there.”

He stared at me thoughfully..
“I’d better get my sword.”

Because as we all know, a sword is an essential item for fighting all forms of snow beast you may find on the way to school.


5 Replies to “Here there be snow monsters”

  1. Did the fluffy russian hat provide adequate snow avoidance? Give the Lil Fella and Big Daddy a big cuddle from me! Oh and one for you too. xoxox

  2. LOL – like Narnia 😀

    That’s a more fun way to look at it. I’ll try to think of that when I look out the window and see all that bloody snow hasn’t melted yet.

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