The quick update

So this evening I’m sitting in my lounge with my son who is in the process of defeating the droid army in fantastic style. Patrick is out painting the town red with his brother (Happy Birthday) and cousin who is visiting from Cape Town. All in all it’s a rather tame evening for me. I’m glad though because it’s been a heavy few weeks.

Patrick has been working hard, on anything from festivals of one sort or another to a gig at Buckingham Palace (impressive stuff – well done Perception Events).

My dad was scheduled to go into hospital but got postponed due to a fire in the hospital, however I believe nobody was hurt. We are waiting now to hear when he’ll be rescheduled which I hope is soon, because honestly the waiting is worst thing.

Work on my side just took a dramatic turn. In a nutshell, I teamed up with a woman on another marketing team and we ended up working together permanently on various projects. As a result of the extra manpower I was able to implement a more sophisticated marketing structure which has been going well so far. However, my new (ish) colleague, while working well with me seemed to completely rub my boss the wrong way and after a couple of months of hellish vibe in the office, she finally resigned last week. I don’t mean to be cold about it but I really have no time for office politics, and am glad the cold war is over. Anyway the point of this is that now my sophisticated marketing plan that everyone is expecting to be executed with aplomb is now my sole responsibility. This is when I feel I should keep my bright ideas to myself. In the words of Homer.. DOH!

In the background my wonderful boy is growing up at an alarming rate, which I am finding hard to keep up with. He has always thought himself older than he actually is however, the real sense of independence is kicking in quite hard coupled with the fact that he is starting to really question things. While I encourage him not to take things at face value, it does make it extra work for me because I have to rationalise and explain my reasoning. This is dangerous territory because other than the reason ‘well that’s how I was raised’ there are some things that when you look through the eyes of a 9 year old, simply do not make sense.

“To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while.”